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Features ZoneCheck the videos of Prima

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Tata Prima - Feature Highlight: S-Cam Brakes

What is S-Cam Brakes & what do they do?

An S-cam is a vital part of a braking system used in modern-day heavy vehicles such as cargo trucks. Tata Prima S-Cam brakes are more compact and involve lesser moving parts since it only relies on a rotation shaft. Also, as the brake pad wears, S-cams are very efficient at keeping brakes maintained.

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Tata Prima - Feature Highlight: Inter-axle Lock

What is Inter-Axle Lock & it’s importance?

Tata Prima Truck offers brand new technology that includes an inter-axle lock. The inter-axle lock is used on vehicles with tandem rear axles. It is designed to overcome the chief limitation of a standard open differential by essentially "locking" both wheels on the axle together as if on a common shaft.

Prima Video 1

Tata Prima - Feature Highlight: Fuel Efficiency

What is the fuel consumption of the Tata Prima truck?

Tata Prima Cargo Truck is mainly used for heavy-duty operations. Even when fully loaded, Prima trucks offer pretty good mileage depending on various factors such as road condition, speed & driver’s skills. Prima trucks also have 625 Litres + (260 Litres optional) fuel tank capacity. Overall, Prima Trucks are well known for good fuel efficiency, as well great performance.

Prima 49T Cargo Truck SpecificationsEngineered for performance, driver comfort and safety, the Prima trucks are, without a doubt, the best solution for cargo transportation. Manufactured with global auto technologies, the Prima range of trucks has been designed to deliver optimal performance. Select a variant below for more details.

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